Elysian Shadows
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Dear friends,

Please accept our apologies for being silent these past few weeks. Other than YouTube is has been really difficult to update those within our community as much as we would like to. Preparing for a Kickstarter is harder than we thought and working towards having a good amount of work to show the world was a dounting task to say the least.

But now we are through the beginning phase and the Kickstarter is live and off to a great start! We have 522 backers (at the time of writing this newsletter) with over $49,000 raised.

We can't tell you what the support you guys have shown so far means to us. We are living towards a dream and can't express how much we appreciate all the kind words and encouragement we have received. From all of the team -- THANK YOU SO MUCH!

For those that didn't know, our campaign went live on Friday which means we are three days in. If you haven't already please consider supporting our campaign and help us realised a dream we have had for many years. Most importantly, lets revive the 2D RPG genre of video games!

Steam Greenlight Campaign
We have decided to go ahead and launch a Steam Greenlight campaign! This would allow those who have backed the Windows, Mac or Linux rewards to get the game for all three platforms. We could really use your help with the campaign also (I know, I know we ask a lot from you), but this would give our desktop players some confirmation and answer some questions relating to that. Click the image below and VOTE FOR US :)
Steam Greenlight

Our Kickstarter campaign is now live! Please help us out and spread the word.here it is

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