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AiGD: Legends and Lore, Dev Notebooks, and The Monster Design Contest! KS Update #21

Hey all,

It has been a long while with the holiday break, but we are back to rock out some more development for ES and have some awesome stuff to show you guys!

AiGD: Legends and Lore

This month we went a little bit experimental with our Adventures in Game Development series. We decided to show off the other side to making a game, the lore of the game. We also showed off some level design and music in the classic AiGD style. We hope you enjoy!

The Dev Notebooks

So since we initially announced the dev notebooks a few months back we have a lot of people asking about them. Well we have had some troubles with getting the notebooks digitized without harming the original BUT we now have a plan and should have them to you by next month! Thank you for your interest in the notebooks!


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Two AiGDs, Streaming and A Special Guest! KS Update #20

Hello all,

So to start off, we have come to realize that we simply don’t need two monthly updates – we prefer beefier updates which cover a greater span of time and know you will too. Quality over quantity.

Now we have some really fun news to share with you guys:

Adventures in Game Development

This past week we have release two chapters of AiGD! We split up what was just 34 because there was just so much stuff to talk about. Some of it you heard in our last KS update and some of it is brand new! We have a special guest this time around, Tulio Gonçalves(The former president of Watermelon Games and now President of 2Dream). He has been helping us with a few things we will mention later in the updat




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Interviews, Multitrack Animation, and Livestreams! KS Update # 19

Hey guys,

So if it wasn’t obvious already this update will be shorter due to the amount of time in between these updates being substantially less.

In spite of that, we have some awesome stuff we have been working on these past two weeks that we would like to share with you:

Interview with RadioSEGA

We had the pleasure of being interviewed by KC of RadioSEGA’s The SEGA Lounge. It was a super fun interview where we talk about developments in the game, a bit about our new team members, some of the story of ES, and play a SEGA music guessing game! Also throughout the interview clips of our new music are played!



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