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Interviews, Multitrack Animation, and Livestreams! KS Update # 19

Hey guys,

So if it wasn’t obvious already this update will be shorter due to the amount of time in between these updates being substantially less.

In spite of that, we have some awesome stuff we have been working on these past two weeks that we would like to share with you:

Interview with RadioSEGA

We had the pleasure of being interviewed by KC of RadioSEGA’s The SEGA Lounge. It was a super fun interview where we talk about developments in the game, a bit about our new team members, some of the story of ES, and play a SEGA music guessing game! Also throughout the interview clips of our new music are played!



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A Tale of Transparency and Milestones – Kickstarter Update #18

Adventures in Game Development Chapter 33

As promised, we have delivered the next chapter of Adventures in Game Development which covers all of the topics we have written in this post and more! Give it a look for some game development action!

Hello backers – ES Team here. We know that an update is long overdue and we are taking steps to shore up this shortcoming to insure that we give you, our most dedicated fans, the information you deserve. And you deserve it because you have each given of yourselves to pave the way for us. Because of your faith in us, we have been able to pursue our labors of love and, frankly, that’s a luxury not afforded to most. This is something we cherish every day and we covet each and every backer for giving us such a great gift of trust. We have a pact – a solemn promise – with each one of you. Today we begin the process of rebuilding trust and renewing your faith in us that we will hold up our end of the bargain.


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Falco and Patrick on DreamPod Podcast with Dreamcast Junkyard

Our long-awaited guest appearance on The Dreamcast Junkyard’s DreamPod podcast is now live! Patryk Kowalik and Falco Girgis talk in detail about Dreamcast (being better than Playstation 2), their PC and console influences, how they first met, the birth of the dynamic lighting engine, bumpmapping pixel art, accidentally developing a 3D engine, Falco’s obsession with porting ES to different hardware, the new ElysianVMU emulator, Kickstarter life, team drama, coping with hate mail!



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