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AiGD: Legends and Lore, Dev Notebooks, and The Monster Design Contest! KS Update #21

Hey all, It has been a long while with the holiday break, but we are back to rock out some more development for ES and have some awesome stuff to show you guys! AiGD: Legends and Lore This month we went a little bit experimental with our Adventures in Game Development series. We decided to […] Read More

Two AiGDs, Streaming and A Special Guest! KS Update #20

Hello all, So to start off, we have come to realize that we simply don’t need two monthly updates – we prefer beefier updates which cover a greater span of time and know you will too. Quality over quantity. Now we have some really fun news to share with you guys: Adventures in Game Development […] Read More

ESTkv1.5.3.SA Internal Patch Release

In the two weeks since I had released ESTkv1.5.3 internally, the Toolkit has received a shitload of usage from Tyler and the rest of the team. Within a few days, Tyler found a list of several bugs/nuances with the new release. We spent the weekend developing side-by-side, breaking the Toolkit while fixing the Toolkit. I wound up resolving all of the issues we found within the first couple of days... However, I was to be having a septoplasty within the next week. We figured with me taking a week off to recover, I could also add some trendy new features that we had both been whiteboarding in time to make the patch release. So in the interest of maintaining our momentum and taking one for the team, I had my surgery and spent the week writing code while high on painkillers. I will affectionately refer to this patch release as the ESTk "Opioid" build. Please don't try this at home, kids...

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Sheet Manager v1.2

Dev brothers and fans of Elysian Shadows, it is with great pleasure that I can FINALLY announce Sheet Manager is complete! Sheet Manager is a software tool encapsulated within ESTk that allows level designers and artists to dynamically populate sprite sheets from existing graphics. This saves an enormous amount of time, as each sheet no longer has to be meticulously constructed as a grid of 32x32 pixel tiles in photoshop for each level. It also allows for more logical and convenient organization of assets. Objects and terrain can now be saved as separate images or "mini sheets" which can later be copied into each level's sheets as they're required, all within the Toolkit.

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