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Falco and Patrick on DreamPod Podcast with Dreamcast Junkyard

Our long-awaited guest appearance on The Dreamcast Junkyard's DreamPod podcast is now live! Patryk Kowalik and Falco Girgis talk in detail about Dreamcast (being better than Playstation 2), their PC and console influences, how they first met, the birth of the dynamic lighting engine, bumpmapping pixel art, accidentally developing a 3D engine, Falco's obsession with porting ES to different hardware, the new ElysianVMU emulator, Kickstarter life, team drama, coping with hate mail!


We also discuss our social media presence and the reason for our lack of Kickstarter updates. We have a very large one in the works right now which will include the Beta release of ElysianVMU as well as a secret surprise for all backers from Falco Girgis that he's really excited about. There are some big things in the works for us, including a planned return to YouTube!

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Falco Girgis
Falco Girgis is the founder and lead software architect of the Elysian Shadows project. He was previously employed in the telecom industry before taking a chance on Kickstarter and quitting his job to live the dream. He is currently pursuing his masters in Computer Engineering with a focus on GPU architecture.