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Falco and Patrick on DreamPod Podcast with Dreamcast Junkyard

Our long-awaited guest appearance on The Dreamcast Junkyard’s DreamPod podcast is now live! Patryk Kowalik and Falco Girgis talk in detail about Dreamcast (being better than Playstation 2), their PC and console influences, how they first met, the birth of the dynamic lighting engine, bumpmapping pixel art, accidentally developing a 3D engine, Falco’s obsession with […] Read More

Kickstarter Update #17: Team Drama, Combat Engine, 4 Player Local Multiplayer, Delays

Alrighty, this is going to be a gigantic update. Yes, we have been horrible at updating Kickstarter, and yes, the game will be delayed, but the silence was not due to stagnation. We had another pretty fundamental team shake-up that has left the project understaffed, and those of us remaining have been slaving away every […] Read More

Adventures in Game Development Chapters 30 and 31 Plus Kickstarter Update

It has been a long, hard week-and-a-half for us. Those of you who have been following our daily streams may have noticed that we dropped off the face of the earth there for awhile. This was due to the fact we couldn’t afford the internet bill for about a week. Before anybody complains or accuses […] Read More

HUGE UPDATE and Adventures in Game Development Chapter 28

God, I have dreaded making this update for so long… Not because I haven’t been slaving away on this game day and night, abusing prescription amphetamines to stay awake and focused, losing sleep and slowly my sanity, but because I just wasn’t 100% satisfied with the content we would be posting for the update. My […] Read More

ESTk DevLog 002: Normal Mapping and Lua Debugging

Three days of slow and painful progress culminating in an epic 48-hour substance-fueled devbinge, yielding astounding results. That’s pretty much how I would sum up this week. As much as I have tried to distance myself from these “devbinges” after they took their toll on my mental health and sanity during our exhausting Kickstarter campaign, sometimes […] Read More