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Basic Mass-Aggregate Physics Engine

Originally posted in our Private Development forum on 5.16.11.

So as I said, this is a standalone C library using on the minimal LibGyro2.0. The screenshots aren't very cute (bare, untextured quads), but they get the point across. While I'm developing, I'm linking a simple driver program against libKineticGyro.framework to test its functionality. Big ass screenshots below, so make sure to right click and "view image" to see the whole thing. (I don't know how to cut out the irrelevant shit on my Mac. ;) ).

So here's the first real test simulation I've been working with. You'll notice a few quads are oriented arbitrarily, and that some are bigger and smaller (for mass testing). You can't tell from the screenshot, but I'm controlling one of the smaller quads (as a player) and am pushing shit around and bumping into it:

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Invoke Engine, Entities, Components, and Falco’s Wrath

Originally posted by GyroVorbis (Falco Girgis) in our Private Development forum on 12.30.10.

Okay, so for those of you who didn't know, I have been extremely sick this entire last week. Actually, today is the first day since then that I can finally say that I've recovered. I even had a 103 degree fever on Christmas... but that's enough bitching. This hasn't slowed any of my progress in the slightest. I have continued my faithful pursuit of the Policy of Pristinity rather than opting to follow the Requiem of Reest. I have a lot of exciting new stuff to show off for you gents.

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Adventure Log, Items, Friendlies, Enemies, and Warps

Originally posted in our Private Development forums on 9.4.10.

Time to once again unleash hell upon this most sacred of topics. My fire has been reignited. I've been working my ass off throughout the week (whether it be on the engine, discussing storyline, bitching at Marcel to get to work, talking to you guys about music/art, or looking to recruit more team members). This is pretty much the culmination of my achievements for the week.

[b]Adventure Log[/b]

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Codename “Abandoned”

Originally posted by Cypher (San Jin) in our Private Development forum on 8.1.10.

I have a bad feeling about art department and now that pritam left there's a possibility that nothing will get done in a long time, so I took a few web lessons on pixel art and decided to push art at least to stage1b: having one area complete to test editor, engine, gameplay etc. Cause that's out next stage. Extensive materialization. It's also the key to progress.

I wanted to keep this a secret, but I figure a teaser would raise motivation at least a bit.

This is the area I'm working on - codename "abandoned".

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Character Concepts Continued

Originally posted by SofaKing (Mitchell Miles) in our Private Development forum on 6.18.10.

ok  i am back online that fucking bitch launched my laptop into a brick wall.

i now have a full understanding of what we are looking for aesthetically in game and production side ,i am currently reworking the characters to basically look more fantasy but not over the top ;) ,also i have been working heavily on town one,mapping most of it out already ,i am currently working one a logo for us as well.

[b]Drunken scholar Choices[/b]

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