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Z Layering/Buffering Predicament

Mentlegen, the last thing left before we are ready to enter the era of art-driven level creation and gameplay development is allowing the player to transition between z layers. Tyler and I did a considerable amount of whiteboarding on the subject the other day, and we believed that we had worked it all out:

Warning: fuck-ugly programmer art incoming! ;)

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CompositeStateContainer, Adderall, and More Broken Promises

Originally posted by Arce (Marcel Girgis) in our Private Development forum on 6.17.11.

Jarrod, thanks for the post. I'm glad to see you in these parts, and you're one of the few developers out there whose encouragement truly makes me want to get off my ass and work. 

Now, before we start rubbing cocks, let me hit everyone with another update!

This is simply a code Update, but I've got several issues to address. I really liked my FAQ style post the other day, as it made my ideas flow easier (and thus less work on myself to keep everyone updated!) 

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Basic Mass-Aggregate Physics Engine

Originally posted in our Private Development forum on 5.16.11.

So as I said, this is a standalone C library using on the minimal LibGyro2.0. The screenshots aren't very cute (bare, untextured quads), but they get the point across. While I'm developing, I'm linking a simple driver program against libKineticGyro.framework to test its functionality. Big ass screenshots below, so make sure to right click and "view image" to see the whole thing. (I don't know how to cut out the irrelevant shit on my Mac. ;) ).

So here's the first real test simulation I've been working with. You'll notice a few quads are oriented arbitrarily, and that some are bigger and smaller (for mass testing). You can't tell from the screenshot, but I'm controlling one of the smaller quads (as a player) and am pushing shit around and bumping into it:

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