Elysian Shadows

Adventures in Game Development Chapters 30 and 31 Plus Kickstarter Update

It has been a long, hard week-and-a-half for us. Those of you who have been following our daily streams may have noticed that we dropped off the face of the earth there for awhile. This was due to the fact we couldn't afford the internet bill for about a week. Before anybody complains or accuses us of blowing all the money on coke and hookers, the opposite is true. We're being so conservative with the money that we live on the bare minimal required for our survival and development, and if we have to make a few unplanned development purchases here-and-there, sometimes we have to reallocate funds from elsewhere... Anyway, we should be right back to our usual streaming schedule next week.

Since the previous update, Adventures in Game Development Chapters 30 and 31 have both been released, giving you around an hour of video content to watch if you're into seeing the behind-the-scenes debauchery and life here at our studio:

Read the entire Kickstarter update here: Update #16

Falco Girgis
Falco Girgis is the founder and lead software architect of the Elysian Shadows project. He was previously employed in the telecom industry before taking a chance on Kickstarter and quitting his job to live the dream. He is currently pursuing his masters in Computer Engineering with a focus on GPU architecture.