Elysian Shadows

HUGE UPDATE and Adventures in Game Development Chapter 28

God, I have dreaded making this update for so long... Not because I haven't been slaving away on this game day and night, abusing prescription amphetamines to stay awake and focused, losing sleep and slowly my sanity, but because I just wasn't 100% satisfied with the content we would be posting for the update. My perfectionism coupled with issues internal to our team causing levels to not be as developed as I would have liked them to be is what has caused such a gigantic delay in Kickstarter updates... We have always been 100% transparent with our supporters in the past, constantly posting behind-the-scenes YouTube updates, and posting on social media daily, but suddenly I lost the courage to show the "real" game development once we accepted money from Kickstarter. I didn't want to show anything shy of perfect... But the truth is that sometimes game development is ugly and highly inconsistent. Some weeks you accomplish everything you ever dreamed and more, and some weeks you get stuck and barely finish a thing. It's the nature of engineering and creative work in general, and I swear from here forward to show the true, unadulterated, uncensored, behind-the-scenes progress.

Read the entire Kickstarter update here: Update #14

Falco Girgis
Falco Girgis is the founder and lead software architect of the Elysian Shadows project. He was previously employed in the telecom industry before taking a chance on Kickstarter and quitting his job to live the dream. He is currently pursuing his masters in Computer Engineering with a focus on GPU architecture.