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Adventures in Game Development Chapters 30 and 31 Plus Kickstarter Update

It has been a long, hard week-and-a-half for us. Those of you who have been following our daily streams may have noticed that we dropped off the face of the earth there for awhile. This was due to the fact we couldn’t afford the internet bill for about a week. Before anybody complains or accuses […] Read More

HUGE UPDATE and Adventures in Game Development Chapter 28

God, I have dreaded making this update for so long… Not because I haven’t been slaving away on this game day and night, abusing prescription amphetamines to stay awake and focused, losing sleep and slowly my sanity, but because I just wasn’t 100% satisfied with the content we would be posting for the update. My […] Read More

Elysian Shadows Live Stream #3 Progress

So we just had our third official Youtube livestream. Thanks to you guys, we had a great turnout. I believe we had about 100 simultaneous viewers at one point, including some fellow indie developers and our friends from the Dreamcast scene. If you missed the stream, you can still see it on Youtube:


As promised, we will now release the relevent development posts from our private development forum for your reading pleasure and education.

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ESTk Dreamcast Integration


I took a minivacation from work to dev, read, achieve, and get my shit together. Marcel and I wound up having a 72-hour development marathon where we raped house and destroyed some serious code. This post has been a long time coming, and I am very happy to write this as the very first live article release for the site... The fans will be seeing this at the same time as the rest of the Elysian Shadows development team!


Marcel was perfecting the new Entity arhitecture for the Toolkit (which is paving way for the future of component implementation, especially the Animation System next). Meanwhile, I vowed to finish integrating the Dreamcast tools with our own Toolkit, to finally realize our dream of seamlessly developing on embedded platforms through the Toolkit. Since the very birth of libGyro, the goal has been to abstract all special code, considerations, and low-level implementation logic away from the high-level developers and level designers. I wanted our artists to be able to play through their levels as they create them just as easily on the Dreamcast as they can on their own PCs. I am proud to say that (for the Dreamcast), this goal has [i]finally[/i] been realized. It's now a single click of the play button...

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