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HUGE UPDATE and Adventures in Game Development Chapter 28

God, I have dreaded making this update for so long… Not because I haven’t been slaving away on this game day and night, abusing prescription amphetamines to stay awake and focused, losing sleep and slowly my sanity, but because I just wasn’t 100% satisfied with the content we would be posting for the update. My […] Read More

Alfred is Born!

Originally posted by Pritam Schonberger in our Private Development forum on 10.3.09.

Alright, I just started on Alfreds sprite and animation, though I was recording the process of the first standing frame I lost the entire video somehow I or it didn't save and I'm really pissed, I'll just record when I work on the animation frames perhaps instead. We'll see how that works out later. Anyhow, I thought I'd show everybody the little sprite, how it looks, right now.


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