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When to Start Promoting and Marketing Your Indie Game

I recently stumbled upon an interesting post made by “superLED” from our forums. He asked a pretty interesting question that I think is extremely important for indie developers who are looking to self-promote their projects, especially if these developers are looking to eventually crowd-fund: “I am curious about what you guys think is ‘too little’ […] Read More

Elysian Shadows Live Stream #3 Progress

So we just had our third official Youtube livestream. Thanks to you guys, we had a great turnout. I believe we had about 100 simultaneous viewers at one point, including some fellow indie developers and our friends from the Dreamcast scene. If you missed the stream, you can still see it on Youtube:


As promised, we will now release the relevent development posts from our private development forum for your reading pleasure and education.

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ESTkv1.5.3.SA Internal Patch Release

In the two weeks since I had released ESTkv1.5.3 internally, the Toolkit has received a shitload of usage from Tyler and the rest of the team. Within a few days, Tyler found a list of several bugs/nuances with the new release. We spent the weekend developing side-by-side, breaking the Toolkit while fixing the Toolkit. I wound up resolving all of the issues we found within the first couple of days... However, I was to be having a septoplasty within the next week. We figured with me taking a week off to recover, I could also add some trendy new features that we had both been whiteboarding in time to make the patch release. So in the interest of maintaining our momentum and taking one for the team, I had my surgery and spent the week writing code while high on painkillers. I will affectionately refer to this patch release as the ESTk "Opioid" build. Please don't try this at home, kids...

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Alfred is Born!

Originally posted by Pritam Schonberger in our Private Development forum on 10.3.09.

Alright, I just started on Alfreds sprite and animation, though I was recording the process of the first standing frame I lost the entire video somehow I or it didn't save and I'm really pissed, I'll just record when I work on the animation frames perhaps instead. We'll see how that works out later. Anyhow, I thought I'd show everybody the little sprite, how it looks, right now.


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